About KTJ Design Co.

Kathleen Jennison | Owner & Lead Designer

Hello! I’m Kathleen Jennison, and I offer interior design services for forward-thinking homeowners, regardless of whether they know what their style is. I specialize in helping people just like you create an environment with resources and materials appropriate for their needs and budget. As a full service interior designer, I use a project management approach, providing plans with complete interior design specifications for both new and existing properties. My goal is to thrill and delight each client with every project.

In addition to my suite of interior design services, I also own a general contracting company. Because of this, I’m happy to provide general contracting services for your project as needed. I also welcome partnerships with any professional who is serving your project, including architects, other general contractors, and landscape designers. This multifaceted approach helps me provide creative and technical solutions while also enhancing the quality of life for my clients.  

Before becoming an interior designer, I enjoyed a long career as a Certified Public Accountant and was an auditor for many large corporations. This highly analytical and technical career coupled with my (second) Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design ensures that I am well-equipped to handle any challenges that might arise during a project.

Kathleen’s Story

How (and why??) did I jump from being a CPA to an interior designer? It’s a wild story.

In June 2006, I was in a car accident that forever changed my life. Before the accident, I was left-brained (yep, a CPA all the way!). After experiencing traumatic brain injuries in that car accident, I began think differently. Even my family noticed a change in my personality. I suddenly had a strong desire to draw and paint.

As a mode of treatment, one of my physicians suggested that I take some art classes. I enrolled in art college and took Basic Drafting and Color Theory classes for the first quarter.

I thought, "Hmm... This is kinda fun." …which was totally bizarre and so unlike my former self.

Shortly after this, I was on a break at work and found myself feeling lost and confused in my left-brained job. In that moment, I realized I would love to experience the art of home and place: Hello, interior design! I left my career as a CPA., finished my “new” education and internship, and launched my design firm in 2009. 

Industry Memberships

I am affiliated with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). As an allied member of this organization, I am qualified by education and experience and pledge to adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. ASID members are required to take continuing education courses to receive the most current information on developments in design, and new information on materials, technology, building codes, government regulations, flammability standards, sustainable and green design, product performance, design psychology, occupant populations, and more.

I am also a past President and current Member of the ASID Central California/Nevada Chapter. Additionally, I am a member of the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Sacramento chapters.


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