Found Objects Makes Dream Room a Winner

Design Competitions are a great opportunity for designers to illustrate their creativity and showcase their talents to a large audience. I recently participated in The San Joaquin County Home and Garden Show. Each entrant was provided with an 8’ x 20’ space enclosed with hard wall construction consisting of 2 x 4’s and bare gypsum board. We were allowed to apply any materials to the walls and floors, but we had to complete the Dream Room in a day and a half. I am known for my bold and bright designs, so I wanted to inspire visitors with a room that was a "break from beige." My concept was to use repurposed items, hand-made items, unexpected colors, a mix of furniture styles and sourcing from local artisans. My project name is "Objet Trouve" or "found objects."

Distinctive and recurring elements, shapes and figures create a design that is playful and frisky in this eclectic space. Discarded items found or collected by chance are repurposed to have aesthetic value in a living room which draws on a variety of styles and patterns ranging from Classical to my very, very favorite Mid-Century Modern.

Further bending of traditional design continues with an unexpected color palette of mustard  and gray and a mix of textile patterns ranging from another favorite, Baroque to the ever reliable geometric.

Harmony and balance are created by juxtaposing natural wood tables against metal elements. Another surprise is  a cardboard animal trophy and a handmade paper cupcake holder luminaire. I further introduced the lasted design trends by including an Ekat patterned rug, typographical elements and a touch of this year's color Tangerine Tango.

I am very honored to have won First Place from the Judges and voted "Best of Show" by visitors. Kathleen Jennison, Interior Design, creating designs for your space that will thrill and delight you.

About Kathleen Jennison

Kathleen Jennison, Interior Design offers interior design services for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces where she helps people create an environment with resources and materials appropriate for their needs and budget. As a full service interior designer, she utilizes a project management approach providing plans with complete interior design specifications for both new and existing properties. Kathleen is not only an interior designer, but also a general building contractor.  This multifaceted expertise enables her to provide creative and technical solutions that not only build designs in response to and coordinate with the building shell, but also enhance the quality of life and culture for her clients, whether it is for their home or business. 

Jennison enjoyed a long career as a Certified Public Accountant working as an auditor of many Fortune 500 Corporations. This highly analytical and technical career coupled with her second Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design ensures she is well equipped to handle any set of challenges which she pledges to meet with her best professional efforts and attention.

Jennison a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California. She is affiliated with the American Society of Interior Designers. As an allied member of this organization, she is qualified by education and experience, and pledges to adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct.  ASID members are required to take continuing education courses to receive the most current information on developments in design, and new information on materials, technology, building codes, government regulations, flammability standards, sustainable and green design, product performance, design psychology, occupant populations, and more. Jennison is a Board Member of the Central California/Nevada Chapter serving as the Finance Director.