How to Pick a Perfect Pendant Light

Perfect Pendant Lights that will Really Flip Your Switch

Have you ever seen those teeny pendant lights hanging over a massive kitchen island? Yucky! I say, go big or go home (oh wait, you are home) when it comes to pendant fixtures! Many design tips will say “make sure the pendant matches the scale and size of the room,” oh boohoo! I say go as big as you can and make a dramatic, powerful, or maybe somewhat eclectic statement.

But if you really aren’t sure, here are some fool-proof tips for picking the perfect pendant lights.

Perfect Pendant Lights in a Line

Whenever you put more than one of anything in a collection the “Rule of Three” is a good rule to follow. Place three pendants in a row over the kitchen island or peninsula to create balance. Or three pendants over a long dining room table are interesting and unexpected. Also if you have very tall ceilings, adding a row of large pendants will help fill up the volume of space and foster a greater sense of coziness. Place your pendants in a row equal distance apart (at the center) over the island or table. Pick three of the same pendant or go wild and pick three different pendants in the same materials, but in different shapes. You can easily find different shapes of the same “collection”. This will add interest and may even become a conversation topic with your guests.

Perfect Pendant Lights Size and Scale

Start with the length and width of your room in feet, add them together and that is the size in inches that your pendant should be.  What? For example if your room is 9 feet by 10 feet, then your pendant should be great than 19 (9 + 10) inches in diameter. To calculate the size of each pendant in a threesome over a kitchen island, follow the same formula. For example, if you island is 6 feet by 3 feet, then each of your three pendants will be greater than 9 (6 +3) inches in diameter.

Perfect Pendant Lights Height

When determining the perfect pendant light height, you don’t want it too low to block the view, but at the same time you don’t want it too high to show the bulb. The general rule of thumb is that your pendant should be 30-36” above the height of the counter or table. So sit at your counter or bar and see where your eyes hit, that will most likely be your measurement. Another rule of thumb is 60-66” above the floor. However in an entry the bottom of the pendant should not be lower than 84” from the floor (we don’t want anyone to hit their head!).

Perfect Pendant Lights

Here is a diagram to show you what I mean and some examples of great pendants under $350, but if you still need help figuring out your Perfect Pendant Lights, hop over to the contact page and schedule a Remodel Clarity Session.