3 Beautiful and Affordable Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel


3 Beautiful and Affordable Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel

I’ve been in a lot of builder-grade homes lately. The 12 inch / .99 cent floor tiles are EVERYWHERE, and I am so over it. Selecting cheap tile is not a cost-savings and will definitely not bring you an ROI.

Let’s break it down exactly why you should avoid cheap tiles with a little cost benefit analysis (this the CPA in me is kicking in):

Your average kitchen is 200 square feet. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you estimate that tile will cost you roughly a dollar per square foot.

The labor to install will clock in around $4,000. This labor includes prepping the substrate with new plywood or a non-fracture moisture barrier and will cost the same no matter which tile you choose.

If I was going to spend that much money on labor, I would fork out a few more buck to get really gorgeous tile (because, let’s face, it you’re going to look at that tile for the next few decades.

We typically select floor tile that costs $3-5 per square foot. This equates to about $1,000 in materials (a mere $800 upgrade from the cheap, cookie cutter option) to install truly unique tile in your kitchen.

Here are a few of my favorite floor tiles for kitchen:

***ALERT****       ***ALERT****      ***ALERT****

You aren’t going to see any beige or tan tiles here… Eww, gross.

Distressed Wood Tile for Kitchen and Dining

Emser Tile’s Velocity is a fun tile in a chevron pattern with a beautiful distressed wood appearance. This tile is BIG, as in 17” x 35.” It’s easy to install (which may reduce the installation cost) and requires fewer grout lines, making maintenance even easier.

eautiful and Affordable Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel

Geometric Tile for the Kitchen

Bedrosian’s Costa Allegra Collection includes this geometric pattern with a slight optical illusion. I love this tide blue color. Pair it with painted base cabinets in the same color, white upper cabinets, and a classical subway tile backsplash, and you’ve got a beautifully designed kitchen.

3 Beautiful and Affordable Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel

Textured Porcelain Tile for Kitchen and Dining

Lounge14 from Mazzarri Tile is a color body porcelain (this is important because the color goes all the way through the tile, so any unforeseen chips or imperfections are not as noticeable). This tile looks fresh and the subtle texture will blend wonderfully with many design styles.

3 Beautiful and Affordable Tiles for Your Kitchen Remodel

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