Plantation Shutters - The 2017 Design Trend I Love to Hate

Plantation Shutters - the 2017 Design Trend I Love to Hate

Plantation Shutters - the 2017 Design Trend I Love to Hate

They make me roll my eyes in disgust. I loathe them. No, that's not strong enough - I despise them - those white, plain, boring, killers of natural light.

That's right, I'm talking about plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are a popular window treatment - I know. But you want a real designer's opinion? I cannot STAND them.

"Oh, but Kathleen, they're so easy to clean and... they're better than mini-blinds, right?"

That's no reason to make a design decision! Don't succumb to what's easy and predictable, when you have so many other choices.

Read on and find out why I hate them so much.

The Four Big Reasons I Hate Plantation Shutters

  1. Plantation shuuters are extremely expensive. As a dealer of shutters, this should make me like them, because I can make a lot of money selling them! But I still hate them. For the cost of shutters, you can get gorgeous and completely customized drapery and shades.
  2. Everyone and their mother has plantation shutters. In my design world, where I want your room to be unique and completely curated for you, why in the world do you want to have the SAME DAMN THING AS EVERYOME ELSE. It drives me crazy. Just because everyone has something doesn’t make it look good.
  3. Plantation shutters are always white. I am a big fan of white décor, but for crying out loud, why do you want all your windows covered with white sticks? This is so boring and one note.
  4. Plantation shutters block out the light. This is my number one peeve with shutters. They block out so much light. Think about it. They inherently have 6” all around with the stile and rails that make your windows smaller and block out the light. Day-lighting is the number one most desired type of lighting in your house and you are intentionally blocking out a major portion of it. It is maddening!

I know when you move into a new home, you are looking for a quick fix to cover the windows, but please take a moment and think about your design. It will be ok if you put tin foil over the windows until you get it figured out (well ok, you can probably get those temporary paper shades from the hardware store, BUT your 10 year old son will love you if you put tin foil on his windows – just sayin’).

Do This Instead of Plantation Shutters

Here are a few ideas that are better options and give you much more flexibility and the chance to be special.

Drapery: Think about floor to ceiling drapery to make your room feel completely majestic. Don’t use typical drapery hardware like a rod, finial and rings. Look at this sexy gorgeous drapery hardware from Paris, Texas. I am in love with the Luxe line. Also, don’t go for the typical pinch pleat (too grandma-ish), instead opt for an inverted pleat (love this!). An inverted pleat (or Tuxedo Pleat) still gives the drapery panels a luxurious volume and depth, but looks more contemporary.

Roman Shades: You can do roman shades. And I’m not talking about some of those balloon looking things from yesteryears. I am talking about smartly tailored looking fabric shades that coordinates with your rooms décor and your homes style.

Woven Woods: I am so in love with woven wood shades. We have books and books of samples of different woven woods. These can add just the right about of texture to a modern room or a monochromatic color scheme. And how different? Do you know anyone that has them? That’s what makes them so perfect because they are different, unique, and look so smart.

Track Panels: A great modern look are track panels. They offer alternative for shutters, that are bulky and ugly on sliding doors.

Just look at all these possibilities. Don’t be tempted to go the easy route. Take some time and let us design some exquisite window coverings that will make your house look like a million bucks.

Pinch Pleat Drapery

Panel Track

Panel Track

Grommet Drapery

Grommet Drapery

Flat Panel Roman Shades

Flot Front Roman Shades

Back Slat Roman Shades

Ripple Fold

Slouch Roman Shades

Rod Pocket Drapery

Ripplefold Drapery

Ring Top Drapery

Ring Top

Ring Top Drapery

Track Panels

Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Wooden Horizontal Blinds

Woven Wood Shades




Goblet Pleat Over Shutter. Even if you have shutters, you still need to dress them up.

Cornice Box and Pinch-Pleats over Shutters

Just a little Cornice over the shutter completes this room

Do you some help picking out your window coverings? Are you ready to break free from the design tyranny of plantation shutters? Be sure to call us for a consultation and we can show you all the possibilities!