The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018


The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018 

If you want to remodel your home in 2018, you might be wondering what interior design trends will surface between now and then. Wonder no more! This list is my roundup of what I see trending strong in 2018 and why you will love them. 

01_Tuxedo_kitchen The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

1 | Black and white kitchens 

I love a good tuxedo kitchen, and as it turns out, the rest of you do too! A tuxedo kitchen typically has black lower cabinets / islands with white upper cabinets. This is a classy and polished aesthetic that is flexible with many design styles.  More

02_Cement_tile The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

2 | Cement tile  

Cement tile is a secret love of mine. It is both modern and vintage, classic yet versatile. It looks amazing as floor tile or wall tile—perfect for your next charming backsplash. More

The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

3 | Integrated appliances   

Appliances that don’t stick out like a sore thumb are amazing. (If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how much I hate “behemoth refrigerators.”) Planning a space that suits integrated appliances can be tricky, so make sure to hire a designer who is experienced in this.  More

(Hint, hint: I do this all the time and, thanks to my e-design service, I can work with you no matter what state you live in! Contact me to get started.) 

04_touchless faucets The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

4 | Touchless faucets 

Messy hands no longer yield a dirty faucet, thanks to touchless faucet technology. Once you upgrade to a touchless faucet, you’ll never want to go back. I specify these faucets for as many clients as I can! More

05_gold_knobs The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

5Gold cabinet hardware  

Gold is here to stay in all its glory—traditional yellow gold, rose gold, you name it. Chrome, bronze, and silver can say adios to your kitchen and bath.  

06_single_basin_sinks The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

6 | Single basin sinks 

From farm sinks, apron sinks, to ultra-modern and oddly-shaped sinks, the single sink basin is taking over the design stage. Your traditional two-basin stainless or ceramic sink is still a noteworthy contender, but there is something to be said for a sleek, minimal place to do the dishes. 

07_black_plumbing_fixtures The Top 25 Most Beautiful Home Design Trends for 2018

7 | Black plumbing fixtures 

Chrome and stainless fixtures are moving out yet again, making way for their subtle, black counterparts. These black plumbing fixtures make the functional fascinating, and that is the definition of good design. 

8 | Freestanding tubs 

Looking for a place to soak your stress away? Look no further than a freestanding tub. Your walk-in shower might be beautifully tiled and boast integrated shelving or benches, but nothing compares to a long, hot soak in an elegant tub.  More


9 | Linear drains 

Linear drains—the modern way to dispose of shower water. Like I said, good design seeks to make the functional items of your home fascinating, which is why linear drains are about to skyrocket in popularity. 

10 | Toe kick lighting 

Lighting is everything, and that’s why I’m currently (and probably permanently) obsessed with putting accent lighting under the lower cabinets. Yep, I put lighting on the toe-kick! The result is a showroom-quality glow that makes you feel as though you are in a five star hotel. 


11 | Lighted medicine cabinets 

Don’t make a costly mistake by grabbing the wrong pill bottle. Get proper medicine cabinet lighting. It’s not just a “looks” thing. It’s a safety thing. 

12_animal lamps

12 | Animal lamps 

More homeowners and designers are returning to the earth with their preferred aesthetics (ohh, I sound like a hippie). Earth color, animal prints and shapes, and warm textures abound with beautiful results. 


13 | Tribal patterned rugs 

Colorful patterns and base instinct weave to form these beautiful tribal rugs, perfect for hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms. 


14 | Woven wood shades 

Earthy textures make another appearance, this time in window treatments. As heavy drapery sinks further into the past, touchable materials derived from nature are moving forward. I love this and consider it to be a long-lasting trend, as natural fibers rarely go out of style. 


15 | Flamingo    

We designers are anticipating a fresh obsession with flamboyant flamingos and their light pink / hot pink color scheme. While this trend won’t appeal to everyone, it’s nice to see homeowners freely expressing themselves. 


16 | Bohemian style 

The bohemian aesthetic is a fluid and flexible one, allowing you combine your favorite eclectic, vintage, and tribal pieces into one cohesive look. Whether minimal or highly curated, this style is making a big comeback, and I can’t wait to employ it! 


17 | Live edge wood 

In another nod to nature, live edge countertops, tables, and islands are on the verge of breaking into the design world. Live edge wood is wild, untamed, inexpensive, and functional. It adds unexpected detail to functional pieces.  (You'll want to stay tuned for an upcoming project that is near completion)


18 | Chili red color 

This color is bursting with warmth, energy, and passion. We will see rooms drenched in this shade of red, and we will see rooms accented with it. Rest assured, this color will be nearly everywhere in 2018. 


19 | Blush pink color 

Blush pink has made design headlines since early 2016, and it shows no sign of going away. Paired with light blue, gold, ivory, gray, or black, it’s a versatile shade that expresses feminine strength and calmness. 


20 | Green ferns    

Whether real or faux, ferns are the next succulents. You’ll see these frilly pieces of nature popping up everywhere—from coffee tables to patterns. 


21 | Wallpaper and matching fabric    

Not only is wallpaper making design headlines again, but it’s also bringing a friend—matching fabric! You might recall that your grandmother had suspiciously matchy-matchy throw pillows and wallpaper back in the day. This aesthetic pulls a room together so well that many homeowners are bringing it back—but with modern designs. It’s beautiful! 


 22 | Gold fixtures  

Gold fixtures are a nice complement to gold hardware and add a bit of glam in places that would typically be “underdressed.” I love the detail and sparkle that these gold fixtures add to any space! 


23 | Sea creatures

On the wetter side of nature, we have sea creatures and the many design aesthetics derived from them. Perfect for beach homes, lake cabins, or your master bathroom, these designs are serene and interesting.  


24 | Art deco style lines in chandeliers   

Chandeliers are often noted for their opulence and Victorian-era charm, but in 2018, chandeliers are going rogue with art déco lines. I’m especially excited for this one! 


25 | Luxury vinyl planks   

You’ve heard me rave about luxury vinyl tile (LVT) before, and for good reason. LVT is durable, beautiful, and resilient against standing water—which is perfect if you have kids or pets in your home. Best of all, LVT planks look like real hardwood without the extra cost. More

Well, there you have it! My top 25 picks for design trends in 2018 are exciting, fresh, and functional. I look forward to designing many, many spaces using one or all of these elements. 

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