7 Wall Designs for a Motivated and Inspired Home Office


7 Wall Designs for a Motivated and Inspired Home Office

Modern office decor has completely changed from being wholly stodgy and utilitarian to something more personalized and, of course, inspiring. This same principle applies when you're thinking of sprucing up your home office too.

Aside from choosing the right colors for ceilings and floors, you will need some very cool furniture and gorgeous wall decor. No matter the space, any room inside the house deserves gorgeous wall decor.

But no matter the wall decor, the home office decoration can be practical and functional at the same time. The goal is to inspire yourself with gorgeous artwork that livens up your space.

Wall Design Ideas for an Inspiring Home Office

Image Credit:  Travel Encyclopedia

Image Credit: Travel Encyclopedia

Before, professional offices (even in the home) are designed to keep occupants wholly focused on work with no distractions at all. No such budget existed for wall decor to make spaces more welcoming and appealing.

The new way of thinking is that the more comfortable and pleasant office an office is, the more productive the office occupant can be.

#1 Mirrors

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you have refined spaces in your home office, you can always try going for a French country style -- both chic and glam. Over sized mirrors are a good idea, and would look even better with vintage frames.

You can either place it on floors or attach them to walls. They can make small spaces look bigger, and reflect more light to fill the room and make it look more vibrant. Add a couple of fancy light fixtures, and you have yourself a home office that looks exquisite.

#2 Memo Boards

Image Credit:  A Worthy Trend

Image Credit: A Worthy Trend

Memo boards are the most popular wall decor ideas for home office. It's not that decorative, but it's the very definition of functionality and practicality. It either comes as chalkboard ones or cork walls. You can use it with magnets, leave memos, attach notes and shelves.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

You can even have a whole wall made entirely into a memo board. Attach artwork and photos to it and it becomes your go-to decoration.

 #3 Pictures of Life Moments

Image Credit:  Toronto Storeys

Image Credit: Toronto Storeys

There's no other classic way to decorate a home office than by putting up pictures of your family, friends, or home relations. The important moments of your life can serve as great sources of inspiration while you're working.

What's fun is that you can arrange your pictures in various ways. You can have them arranged in a circle or put together in a grid to form a gallery wall.


Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Art doesn't have to be painted or created. The simplest act of sticking uplifting quotes to a wall is great. Meaningful phrases that inspire readers and workers to strive harder or just be even better at what you do does wonders for your productivity.

 #5 Wall Shelves as Art

Image Credit:  iPhone Wifi

Image Credit: iPhone Wifi

Attractive wall shelves organized and arranged wonderfully by themselves can be considered wall art already. You can keep your wall shelves sparse to avoid the clutter. Space the items on the shelves evenly too. Or only have three items per shelf. For a more complete look, add framed artwork or family photos.

 #6 Canvas Wall Art

Image Credit:  Enjoy Canvas

Image Credit: Enjoy Canvas

Canvas wall art is a universal idea for any space. Whether it's a bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Wall art is always a great idea.


Purchase your favorite canvas wall art, or one that is infinitely motivation -- preferably one that would inspire you to work harder, that brings positive thoughts, and will remind you of relaxation from time to time.

Gallery walls are cool ideas, and they're great for decorating walls and showing off personality.

 #7 Calendar Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Calendars are another example of functional wall art. You can have them as focal points too. Oversized clipboards can hold three months' worth of oversized calendar pages. Minimalistic design and simple lines are great for creating clean, crisp displays.

 Decorate Your Home Office

Today's constantly connected lifestyle lets work follow you home -- anywhere and anytime. With that in mind, it's a good idea to make the work space at home as comfortable as possible. Set your home office up for success and for constant motivation.

Pick up some wall decor you fancy and hang them up today.


Katherine Belle is a contributor at Enjoy Canvas. She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time. She likes reading, designing, and of course, writing about interior design.

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