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3 Best Kitchen Layouts Based On Your Lifestyle

Does your current kitchen design remind you of the one from That 70’s Show? We know the feeling! If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, do your homework first: Determine with kitchen layout will work best for your family and pinpoint the design aesthetic that best reflects your lifestyle. If this sounds daunting, it is! We guide homeowners through this process every week during our Remodel Clarity Sessions with fabulous results.

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How to Easily Purchase Designer Furniture & Decor

If you’ve got your eye on a hard-to-get, unique piece of furniture or décor, you’ll love this step by step guide on how to get your hands on some truly incredible items for your home. These exclusive items are often what we call “trade only” or “to the trade.” This means manufacturers only sell to interior designers and showrooms. If they sell anything to the public, their offerings are usually limited and pale in comparison to their full-fledged trade only options.

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