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3 of the Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Cozy for Sleep

An old proverb says that “when you can't sleep at night it's because you're awake in someone else's dream.” That's a beautiful idea, but the truth is that sometimes you can’t fall asleep because there’s too much noise or light around you, too many electronic devices in the room or because you have an uncomfortable mattress or an unfriendly bedroom setting. But here are easy ways to make your bedroom more cozy for sleep.

Lucky for us, there are many things we can do to turn the situation around and get our well-deserved good night sleep. Most experts advise us to cool off and darken the bedroom for the night; to take all electronic devices out of the room; to block annoying sounds and maybe listen to calming music or maybe white noise, when trying to fall asleep.

All those pieces of advice are worth being taken into consideration, but I think that the coziness of your bedroom is one vital factor when it comes to getting the perfect rest. If the place where you sleep brings about a nice, warm feeling of comfort and satisfaction, then your brain and body will relax, and you'll just plunge into the world of dreams in next to no time.

Everything matters when you set up your bedroom: how you place the furniture, the view from your window, the color of the walls, the fabrics, the lights, etc. Let me point out just three of the most important aspects you can always change and improve, to transform your bedroom into a comfy haven:

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