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4 Interior Design Ideas that Will Always be Beautiful

 Interior Design Ideas that Will Always be Beautiful

I recently attended the Designer Bloggers Conference in Beverly Hills. It was two and a half days of learning, networking, and getting focused that included a tour of the Greystone Mansion, guided by elite designers Jaime Rummerfield and Ron Woodson.

Designed by famed architect Gordan Kaufmann in 1928, the 55 room, 46,000 square foot estate was acquired by the city of Beverly Hills in 1965 and became a city park in 1971. It is currently unoccupied, but the grounds can be visited most days. The interior is for special events, generally film and television productions.

The tour was the highlight of my trip. I was mesmerized by the history of the estate and the beauty of its architecture. As we strolled from room to room and heard the juicy details from our tour guides, it struck me how (sans the intricate millwork) this grand estate was completely contemporary for 2018.

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