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The journey to your dream home is a beautiful trip.

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She made the project hassle-free.

Kathleen and her team where very professional at all times. I needed to remodel an outdated house in order to sell it. Kathleen had fantastic ideas to update the house with a reasonable budget in mind.

She is easy to work with and made the project hassle-free for me. She finished the remodel on time and we put the house on the market as planed and sold it for more than the asking price!
— Linda

Her creativity and style is impressive.

We hired Kathleen to design a multi room remodel for an artist with very particular taste. Kathleen impressed the client with her creativity and style. She was able draw out the client’s preferences and make suggestions.

Her whole relationship with the client and with our firm was highly professional. I look forward to the next time we can work together and recommend her services to anyone in need of a creative designer.
— Dave

She knows what you want before you do!

Kathleen and her team are amazing! They are so in tune to listening to the customers wants and needs. They understand your likes and wants before you really do.

I would hire Kathleen and her team every day of the week!!
— Melissa

I found a designer who understands me.

Kathleen Jennison was my first interior designer. I had never thought a designer would be in my league, thinking they were way too expensive.

When she sat with me and helped me envision my home, I felt like I had found someone who really understood me. Her design plan took my breath away, and I couldn’t stop smiling. She shopped for me, kept me on my budget, found creative solutions, and encouraged me to stay true to myself.

I didn’t know I had a style, but Kathleen helped me to define it. My friends were also quite impressed with my new look.

I would encourage anyone who needs guidance, professional service and a friend by your side for your interior design needs to consult with her. She is magnificent!
— Jeannette

She adds tiny, powerful details.

Kathleen designed, painted, and furnished my law practice. It had to be modern and sophisticated while also appearing established and professional.

Kathleen took my initial ideas and incorporated them into her design. She also included a few things in her design that challenged my comfort level. In the end, I trusted her experience and expertise, and gave her full discretion.

Not surprisingly, it was the little things and minor touches that she put into her design that my clients comment on the most.

In the end, Kathleen designed and built a law practice that is truly amazing. Trust her experience and listen to her advice. You will be happy with the final product.
— Brad

She truly listens to my needs and style.

Kathleen is fantastic! From our very first meeting she has been more than accommodating. Anywhere from being knowledgeable on all materials, calling me back, accepting of all pictures/ideas I come up with, her delightful assistants, and her all-around kindness of not making me feel like my house is an outdated mess (duh why else would I need a remodel?).

I feel totally confident that she truly listens to my needs and takes in my personal sense of style.

I would recommend her to anyone and believe in her ability to make over any space into a true gem!
— Donna

So easy to work with!

You are fantastic, so easy to work with! I love your sense of style and professionalism.

You give great value to the interior design community!
— Shenah

Lovely decor with a European feel.

You are practical, tasteful, and you get the job done, which is very important for commercial customers with a limited budget.

I get comments like, charming, gem, lovely décor, European feel.
— Elias

Transformed my vague ideas!

I loved Kathleen’s creativity and ability to take my vague ideas and transform them into wonderful designs.
— Lisa

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