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Remodel Clarity Session

A Remodel Clarity Session is a 2-hour interior design consultation and brainstorming session where you can tell me all your home remodeling troubles. I’ll give you my professional advice and help you set specific, achievable goals for your home remodel.

A Remodel Clarity Session is perfect for you if:

  • You feel frustrated because the contractors you’re working with don’t seem to understand what you’re saying, let alone appreciate your vision.

  • You’re terrified to invest so much time, energy and money into your home only to have it turn out nothing like you imagined.

  • You’re ready to let a Certified Interior Designer help you gain clarity and direction on what exactly you need to work through and FINISH your remodel project

Your investment for all this and a completed action plan is $497.



  • On the spot hand-drawn SCHEMATICS of potential floor plans based on your BIG VISION for your home and life’s story.

  • An OUTLINE of your next steps – 5 actions you can take immediately to get started on your custom home remodel or renovation. I’ve done the planning for you, so you save tons of time!

  • A personalized RESOURCE GUIDE – a list of resources with the specific & best products based on your desires. We include everything from flooring to cabinets, lighting fixtures to color palettes, down to the sofa and chairs, so you can maximize your investment and minimize the time you have to spend shopping, researching, looking and trying.

  • The CONFIDENCE and CLARITY to powerfully move forward with your renovation and design. Goodbye to the terror of remodeling on your own, hello designer contentment!

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Furniture and Décor

Our Full-Service Interior Design is your comprehensive design solution. It’s your ticket to that perfectly personalized dream home look without all the DIY effort. With everything laid out for you, you can stop making costly mistakes buying items that seem right in the store, but look oh-so-wrong when you get them home.

This service is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve done the cheap furniture thing and you’re over it.

  • You’re ready to have a grown up space – no more hand me downs and NO MORE IKEA.

  • You’ve got big, designer aspirations – tons of ideas! You want your home to be reflection of your success – a comfortable place where you can see how far you’ve come. You’d secretly love it if people asked you, “Hey, haven’t I seen this room in Design*Sponge?”

The investment for a Full-Service Interior Design experience consists of a flat design fee which is based on the size and type of rooom(s), plus a furnishings budget.


  • 2-hour initial consult where we discuss your vision and make sure we’re on the same page

  • Space plan with a to-scale furniture layout – no more moving the sofa twelve times “just to see how it looks over there”

  • Window covering designs

  • Floor covering design and material selections

  • Lighting design layout and fixture selections

  • Artwork and accessory selections and layout

  • Style guide showing you the colors and textures together

  • Elevations showing you what the room will look like when it’s done

  • No-fail color palette – goodbye, twelve tiny swatches on the wall!

  • Access to exclusive savings on trade-only resources

  • Procurement and ordering service - we take care of all the paperwork, such as purchase orders, confirmations, freight tracking, receiving, inspection, and damage remediation (if necessary)

  • Installation Day - Once all your items are received to our warehouse, we schedule an installation day with all the necessary tradesman to give you the ultimate reveal day (think HGTV!)

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Renovation and Remodeling

Without the right partner, renovations and remodeling can be drawn out, painful and full of expensive flaws. One missed deadline or one wrong decision, and the process along with costs can spiral out of control.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating or agonizing, though! When you let a certified interior designer take the reins, you’ll make sure your project is on the right path for you, your family, your house and your budget.

What if you could…

  • Receive guidance in sorting through your ideas and goals so you can create the perfect plan – the exact combination of floor plan, design and materials

  • Avoid costly mistakes and misgiving by exploring all the options

  • Build your home remodel decision by decision before it is built “brick by brick” so that you have the least amount of down time

  • Save money by taking advantage of my long standing working relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople

  • Know for certain the products you’re getting and the materials you’re using are the best for your investment

    Our 3 tiered, structured payment schedule is based on the scope and extent of your project. We will discuss the payment schedule and your budget extensively before any work begins.


  • 2 hour initial consult where we identify your goals and objectives to determine the right budget for you

  • Dimensioned floor plans showing the new layout

  • Style guides showing you how all the millwork, cabinetry, finishes, fixtures and equipment works together

  • Elevations and 3D drawings showing you how your new space will look and function

  • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) suitable for construction or permits

  • Detailed schedules of all furnishings, fixtures and equipment selections

  • Cabinetry details so everything is ordered and installed correctly the first time

  • Project coordination (with our construction company or your contractor)

  • Reasonable and livable remodeling timeline

Please Note:

We are happy to partner with a contractor of your choice should you choose not to use our contracting company or if you already have a contractor for your project. We also welcome collaborations with architects, landscape designers, and other professionals.

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 Ready to Move Forward?

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Each design service starts with a 30 minute Discovery Call. If it suits your needs, we can also discuss our financing options for your project through our partner, Hearth. Make great interior design accessible now rather than later!